Ford does a mild makeover for the 1967 Mustang, continues riding on the first two years success,

1967 Mustang in Review


The American public is always clamoring for something new, so Ford knew some gentle styleing changes were due for the 1967 Mustang . GM was up to something and would soon reveal their Camaro and Firebird cars and Ford intended to meet these challengers head on. The Coupe and Convertible Mustangs kept the same sheet metal proportions, and the car retained its short rear trunk deck and long hood. The Fastback was noticeably different; the rear quarter window line was elongated all the way to the rear making the car look meaner and sleeker. All models received mild styling cue changes in the front grill and rear taillight areas.

The front grill of the car was wider and taller, and composed of many small rectangles. The spears running right and left of the running horse, first seen on the 1965 cars was brought back. The rear tail light area was bases of the first generation 1965 1966 Mustangs but had a twist; the three red lenses were concave . The simulated side air intake scoops in front of the rear wheelwell are more pronounced and lack the chrome accents of the earlier cars.

The interior of the 1967 Mustang is improved and refined. The instrument panel is completely redesigned with two large dials and three small ones. There is a full length center console available in brushed aluminum with a folding accordion style door that slides up to reveal a storage compartment for small items. There were a variety of optional warning lights and buzzers available to warn you about open doors, unbuckles seat belts and parking brakes that are accidentally left on. Some collectors prefer the first run '65 and '66 cars, others like the styleing refinements of the '67 cars. All of the early cars are collectible and enthusiast can find good values especially in Coupes if they are considering looking at 1967 Mustangs for sale.

The big news for the '67 cars came in what Ford offered under the hood. The engine compartment was widened to make room for the first big block engine offered in a production Mustang. A 390 Cubic Inch engine with 4 barrel carborateur could be ordered for $263.00 The mill produced 320 horsepower . Sales declined from previous year as Ford faced compettition from other General Motors and Chrysler ... still the car sold over 470,000 units. Value depends on condition and options.

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1967 Mustang
1967 Mustang

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